Acequia Madre Elementary School

Acequia Madre encompasses joyful learning by helping students discover and build upon their passions. Through rigorous academics, fine and performing arts, and community partnerships, students learn to contribute to their community and develop the skills needed to become lifelong learners and productive citizens for the future.

Amy Biehl & Aspen Transformational Team Training

Amy Biehl Community School and Aspen Community School combined team training.

Amy Biehl Community School

Amy Biehl Community School works to encourage a child’s sense of wonder and natural desire to learn in a culture that celebrates students’ voices and their ability to explore, design and collaborate.

Aspen Community School

An Aspen education is defined by connectedness. We learn in community, immersing students in real world projects that support them in becoming scholars, explorers, collaborators and innovators.

CPN Cohort Schools

The St. Louis Community Partnership Network (CPN) serves the St. Louis, Missouri community as a results-oriented steward of two public schools forged through an innovative initiative of the Saint Louis Public Schools (SLPS) district.

Kearny Elementary School

At Kearny Elementary we value equity and celebrate the heritage of each learner. Currently, Kearny supports Spanish language speakers through the Heritage Language Model. This model has become an increasingly popular option for schools that wish to honor the linguistic assets of multilingual students, highlight transferability between Spanish and English and still provide basic maintenance of the home language.

Kearny Elementary is also proud to partner with community organizations to help support students’ social-emotional and academic needs. We currently provide site-based counseling for students with counselors from Presbyterian Medical Services (PMS), collaborate with local churches to provide needed resources for families and partner with Food Depot to provide food assistance for our families.

Monte del Sol Charter School

Monte del Sol Charter School educates and inspires Santa Fe’s diverse population in grades 7 through 12, by building strong relationships and creatively engaging the local and global community.

Mora Independent School District

Mora Independent Schools exists as a concrete foundation to prioritize every student, every day, in every way. We will provide students with the resources necessary to be successful in life. Our school culture will be one of security, respect, honesty, loyalty, accountability, investment, and positivity.

Nina Otero Community School

Our responsibility is to guide students to be confident, capable, empathetic citizens who make positive, lasting impacts in our school, community, and world.

Nina Mustangs take academic risks, explore, create, collaborate, and develop resilience, and are equipped to be current and future stewards, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Nye Early Childhood Center

Nye Early Childhood Center’s vision is to ensure that each child develops the academic, social, and emotional skills needed to reach their individual potential fostering interdependence in the home, community, and the learning environment.

Peñasco Independent School District

A Peñasco education is rooted in school and community pride. We celebrate our community’s diverse tradition(s), culture(s), and values. We bring unity to the school and community as we cultivate a positive and engaging learning environment, empowering students to explore and connect to the larger world.

Salazar Elementary School

Salazar Elementary School’s vision is to utilize learner-centric practices that promote creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking aligned to computer science standards.

St. Louis CPN

The St. Louis Community Partnership Network (CPN) serves the St. Louis, Missouri community as a results-oriented steward of two public schools forged through an innovative initiative of the Saint Louis Public Schools (SLPS) district.

The Academy for Technology and the Classics

The Academy for Technology and the Classics (ATC)’s mission is to provide an academically charged environment while instilling the “classic” moral values of respect, integrity, responsibility, and honesty.

Wood Gormley

Wood Gormley Elementary School has been student-centered throughout its history to provide every student a high-quality education and multiple opportunities to meet or exceed challenging grade-level math and reading standards. In a safe, caring and inclusive environment, through our community’s collective efforts, we expect student readiness for the next grade, careers and college.

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