Santa Fe Center For Transformational School Leadership

At the heart of

Transformational Leadership

is a commitment to create schools that are healthy, dynamic places where every member learns and leads and makes a difference.



We are committed to helping you on your journey in any way we can.

Transformational Leadership Initiative is an ambitious, multiyear effort to improve the academic performance and the learning environment in participating schools.

TLI provides a descriptive model that brings together a set of theories and concepts
along with the tools to implement transformational leadership in a human centered way. The program builds the capacity of faculty and administrators to transform their organizations with
new approaches to leadership and deeper learning experiences for all students and educators.

The staff at TLI recognizes that deep transformational changes cannot be mandated but must be generated from the inside out. Therefore we set an extended period of time (preferably 3 years) to support our partner schools in nurturing the skills and understandings that make such change possible. When we are able to work in person, we meet one full day a month with a leadership team and, ideally, one partial day with the school staff. With virtual learning, we break these times into shorter lessons that fit a school’s schedule. We can tailor scheduling to meet school needs.


Not every school is ready immediately to make the three-year commitment that is part of our
full partnership. To support their efforts in school change, our team can tailor our partnership to
specific aspects of transformational work that allow us to meet the school where it is. Toward this end, we offer specific workshop options such as the following for professional development:

  • Implementing High Quality Project-Based and Place-Based Learning
  • Cultivating and implementing Social Emotional Learning throughout the school
  • Developing Shared Vision: Using Appreciative Inquiry to Create a Compelling Purpose
  • Implementing a Peer Coaching Model in Your School
  • Using Design and Systems Thinking to Advance School Transformation
  • Building a Positive and Connected School Culture
  • Strengthening Teacher Practice with Reflection: Depth of Knowledge Analysis
  • Assignment Analysis, Protocols to Examine Student Work and Data
  • Cultivating Effective Professional Learning Communities
  • Nurturing Human-Centered Classroom Behavior Management
  • Building an Ethic of Excellence and Shared Images of Success in Your School
  • Becoming a Peace Learning Circles (Previously “Tibes”) Community
  • Creating Scenarios to Advance Strategic Plans
  • Embedding Growth Mindset into Classroom and School-wide Systems
  • Using a Gradual Release Model to Engage Students and Strengthen Teaching
  • Teaching for Transfer (Performance-based Tasks): Deeper Learning Mini Units